WebStorm 5 – IDE for HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript development

JetBrains revently released version 5 of their web development IDE WebStorm.

WebStorm is a subset of the popular IntelliJ Java IDE. It offers support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is probably today’s most complete HTML5 / JavaScript IDE.

The new features include:

  • Live Edit Mode – Preview of your app in Google Chrome
  • JSDoc annotations of Google Closure Compiler supported
  • Jade templates support
  • Improved JavaScript code completion
  • Project-level JS libraries
  • Debugging support for JSTestDriver tests
  • Improvements for Sass/SCSS

In my opinion, the Live Edit Mode and the JSDoc annotations support are the most interesting new features.

Live Edit Mode allows you to see your web app in Google Chrome while you are editing your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.
Every change to the source files is automatically visible in the browser. When you click on a html tag in your sourcecode, the corresponding element in the browser gets highlighted.
Live Edit Mode will definitly boost developer productivity. You should use two monitors to enjoy this feature.

Regarding the JSDoc annotations support of Google Closure Compiler:
With these annotations you can define types, interfaces (and implementations of interfaces), private and public variables, inheritance, enums etc.
When you annotate your JavaScript sourcecode with JSDoc annotations, WebStorm will recognize these tags and offer more relevant completion options and more static errors will be reported instantly – so it almost feels like coding in a statically typed language like Java.

Users of IntelliJ don’t need to buy WebStorm as the WebStorm features can be installed into IntelliJ as plugins free of charge.

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