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Eclipse 4.2.1 released with new EGit features

Eclipse Juno SR1/4.2.1 was released and is available for download. JGit/Git 2.1, the versions that ship with this new release, even features new functionality and improvements: JGit 2.1 New and Noteworthy EGit 2.1 New and Noteworthy My favorite new features … Continue reading

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Object.observe() will become a web standard

Two-Way data binding is a requirement for declarative Model/View separation mechanisms as seen in frameworks like KnockoutJS or AngularJS. When the user enters data in a form, the data model gets updated immediately, and when the data model changes, the … Continue reading

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The condemned live longer

Years ago, Log4j 1.2 was released. Since then it was treated as dead by many developers. In the meantime logback appeared as successor of Log4j based on the slf4j API. But now, many years later, the development of log4j 2 is … Continue reading

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Dynamic Reloading of Vaadin Multi-Module Applications With Maven and Eclipse, Pt. II

In the first part of this article, we explored how a Maven project for Vaadin could be configured such that the application will be dynamically redeployed during runtime after changes have been made to the application code in Eclipse. In … Continue reading

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HTML5 will be finalized in 2014

According to the W3C, the HTML5 spec will be finalized in 2014 – meaning it will reach Recommendation status in Q4/2014. To maintain this schedule, the W3C has postponed some features to a HTML5.1 spec that is going to be … Continue reading

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WebStorm 5 – IDE for HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript development

JetBrains revently released version 5 of their web development IDE WebStorm. WebStorm is a subset of the popular IntelliJ Java IDE. It offers support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is probably today’s most complete HTML5 / JavaScript IDE. The … Continue reading

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When the eclipse workspace suddenly dies

In our team, we had multiple broken Eclipse workspaces over the last weeks. These broken workspaces prevented eclipse to start normally. In at least two of these cases, eclipse produced the following stack trace when startup failed: We tried different … Continue reading

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