Jigsaw currently still in Java 8

Papick recently commented some thoughts from Mark Reinhold about postponing Java Modularization towards Java 9.

The java community started a large discussion about these thoughts. Now here is Mark’s update: Project Jigsaw: Late for the train: The Q&A.

My political excerpt reads:

 Q: Has the Java SE 8 Expert Group decided whether to defer the addition of a module system and the modularization of the Platform to Java SE 9?

A: No, it has not yet decided.

Q: By when do you expect the EG to make this decision?

A: In the next month or so.

Q: How can I make sure my voice is heard?

A: The EG will consider all relevant input from the wider community. If you have a prominent blog, column, or other communication channel then there’s a good chance that we’ve already seen your opinion. If not, you’re welcome to send it to the Java SE 8 Comments List, which is the EG’s official feedback channel.

Q: Why is Project Jigsaw taking so long?

A: Project Jigsaw started at Sun, way back in August 2008. Like many efforts during the final years of Sun, it was not well staffed. Jigsaw initially ran on a shoestring, with just a handful of mostly part-time engineers, so progress was slow. During the integration of Sun into Oracle all work on Jigsaw was halted for a time, but it was eventually resumed after a thorough consideration of the alternatives. Project Jigsaw was really only fully staffed about a year ago, around the time that Java 7 shipped. We’ve added a few more engineers to the team since then, but that can’t make up for the inadequate initial staffing and the time lost during the transition.

Q: Why not drop Lambda and finish Jigsaw instead?

A: Even if the engineers currently working on Lambda could instantly switch over to Jigsaw and immediately become productive—which of course they can’t—there are less than nine months remaining in the Java 8 schedule for work on major features. That’s just not enough time for the broad review, testing, and feedback which such a fundamental change to the Java Platform requires.

Your voice is still wanted! And furthermore Marc also documents the feedback they already are aware of.

But reading this I am not sure, if it can change things.

If a team of developers is politically enabled to communicate  that more developers would not help to save the deadline and to cite Brooks’s law, then my recommendation as a technical manager would always be to skip the deadline and spare further collaterals….

So at least thank you guys for this extensive and open feedback.

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  1. Just for the record: it won’t be in Java 8, as stated here:


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