Better support of Bean Validation for GWT

According to GWT tech lead Ray Cromwell, GWT will get better support of JSR 303 (aka Bean Validation):

Our GWT intern +David Idol is leaving today to go back and finish his degree. :( However, he leaves behind a new fully functional TCK compliant JSR-303 validation suite for GWT. The full TCK is supported except for XML  configuration (we require Java annotations) and the ability to install arbitrary JSR-303 providers. Other than that, excellent work, completed in just a few weeks of summer.

He currently plans to get this feature included in GWT 2.5 RC2 and asks for feedback about this:

Since some significant refactorings have occurred after GWT 2.5RC1, we are considering cherry picking the new JSR303 stuff into RC2. Usually we try not to add anything in an RC, but RC1 was more like a beta given the number of changes we’ve done in places like the Aria library.

Anyone upset if we add JSR303 to GWT 2.5 before the final release?

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