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Options for setting up a git server

The following table shows some options for setting up a git server: Server Licensing Compatibility Notes Atlassian Stash Commercial Java-based Atlassian FishEye (2.7+) Commercial Java-based Git repository hosting is deprecated Gitblit Apache 2 Java-based gitolite GPL v2 Gerrit Apache 2 … Continue reading

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Jigsaw currently still in Java 8

Papick recently commented some thoughts from Mark Reinhold about postponing Java Modularization towards Java 9. The java community started a large discussion about these thoughts. Now here is Mark’s update: Project Jigsaw: Late for the train: The Q&A. My political … Continue reading

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Split comma-separated Strings in Java

Shortly, I saw some code like this to work with comma separated lists: The code uses String.split(“,”) to split the strings at commas and String.trim() to remove unwanted whitespaces. But theres’s a much more elegant way to do that in … Continue reading

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Dynamic Reloading of Vaadin Applications With Maven and Eclipse, Pt. I

Developing Vaadin web applications is a lot of fun. One reason for this is that you very quickly get presentable results without having to bother with the intricacies of web protocols or the horrors of JavaScript coding. While developing Vaadin … Continue reading

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Better support of Bean Validation for GWT

According to GWT tech lead Ray Cromwell, GWT will get better support of JSR 303 (aka Bean Validation): Our GWT intern +David Idol is leaving today to go back and finish his degree. :( However, he leaves behind a new fully functional … Continue reading

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Red Hat liefert Preview für OpenStack Distribution

Red Hat hat im Rahmen seines OpenStack Engagements die Verfügbarkeit eines ersten Preview Releases seiner OpenStack-Distribution angekündigt: Hier steht die Software zum Download zur Verfügung, sie basiert aktuell auf einem Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3. Ein Blogpost von Red Hat zum Thema … Continue reading

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jQuery 1.8 Released

The jQuery team has released version 1.8 of the popular JavaScript library jQuery.   jQuery is now modular. Based on the build tool grunt, it is now possible to pick and deliver only required modules of jQuery. Sizzle, jQuery’s selector … Continue reading

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