There’s not a moment to lose? Jigsaw postponed… forever?

Mark Reinhold shared some thoughts regarding release time and release cycles, not only for Jigsaw specifically but somehow for Java in general as well:

Jigsaw is currently slated for Java 8. The proposed development schedule for Java 8 expects work on major features to be finished by May 2013, in preparation for a final release around September. Steady progress is being made, but some significant technical challenges remain. There is, more importantly, not enough time left for the broad evaluation, review, and feedback which such a profound change to the Platform demands.

I therefore propose to defer Project Jigsaw to the next release, Java 9. In order to increase the predictability of all future Java SE releases, I further propose to aim explicitly for a regular two-year release cycle going forward.

This in fact means we won’t see any other Java modularization until late 2015. Ok, no math needs to be done, it’s all there in the post:

Java 9 will follow two years later, around September 2015, with Jigsaw and, no doubt, various other features yet to be determined.

It is my understanding that “no doubt” refers to other features, and not to Jigsaw. Future will tell. The title of his blog is “There is no moment to loose”, and the article was named “late for the train”. If there really is no moment to loose (which I think is true), and modularization as a feature missed the train (ops, they did it again), than maybe is time to start questioning if there will be any train coming at all.

Java modularization started as a “there is no moment to loose” feature request for those of us trying to build smart things on small things, which was quite impossible with the monolithic JVM. By now, those of us still trying to build something for small devices in Java are doing it on Android. Others left the party and started using Objective C on iOS devices. And there are a few of us that are doing the RIA-Mobile-HTML5-Thing. It is not too late for the train. Its too late, period.

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4 Responses to There’s not a moment to lose? Jigsaw postponed… forever?

  1. On a personal side note: two years? WTF?!?

    I do not understand where this does “increase the predictability of all future Java SE releases”. What kind of predictability are we talking about?

    I mean, late 2015, where will Android, iOS and HTML5/ Web be? Won’t it be too late for any train?

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