Grails 2.1.0 released

7 months after the last major release 2.0 of the Grails web framework, the Grails team announced a new minor release 2.1.

Visit the What’s new in Grails 2.1 page for a nice summary of all the new features and grab it while it’s hot.

The new features are:

  • Improved Maven support
    It is now possible to specify Grails plugin dependencies in a pom.xml file. Dependency resolution uses Maven for both jar and plugin dependencies – Ivy has been disabled. Maven multi-module builds are supported. There are two new commands: grails create-pom and grails create-multi-project-build .
  • Grails Wrapper
    A utility to run Grails without installing it first. You can check in the wrapper to your SCM with your projects sources. Your teammates and CI server will have the development environment instantly available. When the wrapper is launched for the first time, it will download all the necessary Grails files. When you need to upgrade to a new Grails version, just update the shell script and the small jar files of the wrapper. Your teammates / CI server will be up to date when they run the wrapper next time.
  • Debug Option
    The previously available command
    grails-debug run-app

    has been renamed to
    grails -debug run-app

    It opens a debug port for remote debugging.
  • Grails Command Aliases
    You can now define command aliases for any command.
  • Cache Plugin
    The cache plugin provides caching functionality for Grails applications. It is based on the caching abstraction provided by Spring 3.1. It can be used with different caching providers by installing the corresponding plugin. There are redis and ehcache plugins available.
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