Google frees GWT, Vaadin to contain and support it

Google announced during last I/O that GWT will be “freed”. Ray Cromwell seems to have said, that

“It will no longer be Google as a dictator,” ;-)

but a Steering Committee with members also outside Google will be responsible for the further development of the technology. The current list of members was announced as:

  • Ray Cromwell (Google)
  • Artur Signell (Vaadin)
  • Darrell Meyer (Sencha, GXT)
  • Mike Brock (RedHat, Errai/JBoss)
  • Thomas Broyer (individual contributor)
  • Stephen Haberman (Bizo)
  • Daniel Kurka (MGWT)
  • Christian Goudreau (Arcbees, GWTP Library)

Future resources of this Committee are to be published soon on (source) and a mailinglist is already there, showing a beginning open discussion about moving to Git or Maven.

Quite at the same time, one is able to test Vaadin with a built-in GWTVaadin announced  that

the upcoming version 7 of Vaadin Framework will include a full version of GWT, is compatible with GWT and Vaadin commercial support is widened to cover GWT based projects.

Some more information about this strategy can be found here.

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