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JSF 2 Custom Scopes without 3rd party libraries

Almost every JSF application that I am aware of uses some mechanism to store values in a scope longer than the original “Request Scope” but shorter than “Session Scope”. “Wizards” are a common scenario. Unfortunately, JSF comes without something like … Continue reading

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HTML5: W3C and WHATWG split

Spoon boy:: Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.Neo:: What truth?Spoon boy:: There is no spoon.Neo:: There is no spoon?Spoon boy:: Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that … Continue reading

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There’s not a moment to lose? Jigsaw postponed… forever?

Mark Reinhold shared some thoughts regarding release time and release cycles, not only for Jigsaw specifically but somehow for Java in general as well: Jigsaw is currently slated for Java 8. The proposed development schedule for Java 8 expects work on major … Continue reading

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Jira 5.1 ist released

Atlassians frühere Empfehlung, Jira nicht über 200.000 Issues (Vorgängen) zu benutzen, wurde mit diesem Release von JIRA 5.1 zurückgezogen.  Die Peformance sei mittlerweile für 500.000 Vorgänge so gut wie vorher für 200.00, und es gibt Wege, auch noch weiter zu skalieren. Daneben … Continue reading

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BIRT 4.2 released

Version 4.2 of the popular Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Framework (BIRT) has been released last week. Starting with the new version the BIRT Designer is built on top of Eclipse 4 (Juno) and therefore has a slightly different look … Continue reading

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Configure GWT deployment context within Eclipse IDE

Do you know this problem? When starting a GWT application within the dev-mode it will be deployed in the root context. But when building the project and deploying it, e.g., usually some context other than root will be used (on Tomcat … Continue reading

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Grails 2.1.0 released

7 months after the last major release 2.0 of the Grails web framework, the Grails team announced a new minor release 2.1. Visit the What’s new in Grails 2.1 page for a nice summary of all the new features and … Continue reading

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