Guava 12.0 released

A few days ago Guava 12.0 was released. We already published a few articles about Guava, a few more will follow in the next weeks. So this release announcement might be interesting for you.

Guava 12.0 is the first release which requires at least JDK 6. Further release notes can be found here.

Some nice features are:

  • FluentIterable provides a fluent interface for manipulating Iterables with chained method calls:
  • Enums.getIfPresent() returns an Optional and can be used to fall back to an optional value in very readable manner:
Enums.getIfPresent(Country.class, countryInput).or(Country.DEFAULT);
  • TypeToken: an alternative to java.lang.Class mechanisms, which uses reflection-based tricks to allow to manipulate and query generic types at runtime.
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