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Custom Tags as an Alternative to Composite Components in JSF

Composite components are well known and the concept is widely adopted by JSF developers today. Regrettably, another powerful concept seems to be ousted by the popularity of composite components: Custom (Facelet)-Tags. This article is about how to use them. The … Continue reading

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Spring Data JPA 1.1.0 veröffentlicht

Mit Spring Data JPA läßt sich sehr leicht eine auf JPA basierende Datenzugriffsschicht realisieren. Features sind unter anderem eine generische DAO Implementierung, Auditierung von Domain-Objekten, Unterstützung von Paging und dynamischen Abfragen und Integration der Query-DSL (typsichere JPA-Abfrage-Alternative). Mittlerweile ist die … Continue reading

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JPA Security

Mit JPA Security gibt es eine relativ neue Access Control Lösung für objektrelationale Datenbankzugriffe über die Java Persistence API. Der große Vorteil gegenüber anderen Sicherheitslösungen ist, daß die Zugriffskontrolle und das Ausfiltern in der Datenbank stattfindet. Nicht erlaubte Daten werden … Continue reading

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Guava 12.0 released

A few days ago Guava 12.0 was released. We already published a few articles about Guava, a few more will follow in the next weeks. So this release announcement might be interesting for you. Guava 12.0 is the first release … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping JSF applications with SystemEvents

SystemEvents offer a nice way to respond to events like system startup or  -teardown. A frequent use case is to log if the application startup was successfull and if all neccessary resources are available. If a problem occurs during startup … Continue reading

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REST API for JPA entities

The intial version 1.0.0.M1 of Spring Data REST has been released. “Spring Data REST is part of the umbrella Spring Data project that makes it easy to expose JPA based repositories as RESTful endpoints.” See for more details.

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Handling Null values with Guava

Handling null values in Java can be quite annoying. Careless use of null can also be a source of a variety of bugs. “I call it my billion-dollar mistake.” – Sir C. A. R. Hoare, on his invention of the … Continue reading

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