JDK 1.7 u 4 released

Update releases for Java SE, Java FX and Java SE for Embedded as stated here. And it is the first time Oracle is delivering a Mac OSX version.

Java SE 7 Update 4

    • Oracle has continued to work on merging JRockit and HotSpot JVMs to leverage the best features in each.
    • Java SE 7 Update 4 features includes the next-generation Garbage Collection algorithm Garbage First (G1).
    • New JVM (Java HotSpot Virtual Machine, version 23) features JRockit JVM feature convergence. Some of the value-add features of the JRockit JVM are re-implemented in the HotSpot JVM.
    • Java SE 7 Update 4 is the first consumer release of the Java 7 JRE that will be made available as the default version on Java.com. Follow Henrik Stahl’s blog for the latest information.
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