Twitter’s Bootstrap 2.0 released

Twitter recently released Bootstrap 2.0.

Bootstrap is a open-source HTML/CSS toolkit (Apache 2 licence) to build modern websites or web applications. It’s not a framework but a set of css styles and jQuery plugins to help kick starting your application with responsive layout and modern design that works on desktop browsers as well as on mobile devices.

Bootstrap offers fluid, responsive layouts that adjust with screen / browser window sizes. It also offers a set of UI components (some are pure HTML/CSS, more complex components are based on jQuery).

To sum it up, Bootstrap offers:

See the examples page to get an impression on how a web site could look like that use Bootstrap.

You don’t have to use the whole feature set – you can customize your download and pick only the parts you need, e.g. just use styling for tables, but nothing else, or use just the UI components you need.

The new features of version 2.0 include:

  • improved documentation
  • smarter default styling
  • new 12-column grid system
  • new table and form styles, compatible with jQuery UI
  • new ui components like improved navigation components, buttons, button groups, button dropdowns
  • simplified alert messages
  • carousel, collapse, and typeahead jQuery plugins
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