ICEFaces just a copy of PrimeFaces?

Just stumbled over this on Twitter: PrimeFaces lead developer accuses ICESoft to copy source code from PrimeFaces. According to PrimeFaces official blog post, 90% of the new ACE component libraries code is based on PrimeFaces. Furthermore, the code seems to be taken from an older PrimeFsaces 2.x branch, repackaged from org.primefaces.component. to org.icefaces.ace.component without further modification.

ICESoft just released version 3.0 of their JSF library (see my recent post) including the new and shiny set of client components. With PrimeFaces getting more an more popular in the past 2 years, ICESoft is likely to have lost market share to PrimeSoft.

Interestingly, there seems to be no legal issue with the copied code since PrimeFaces is licensed under Apache 2 license. ICEFaces switched to Apache2 license with the release of 3.0 and is correctly mentioning Prime Technology as originator of the code.

ICESoft states in ther ACE component FAQ:

The ACE library includes custom components developed by ICEsoft as well as “best-of-breed” components sourced from popular third party open source libraries such as jQuery, YUI and PrimeFaces.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes a marketing desaster for ICESoft. Redistributing code from competitors is not ment to increase my trust in a vendor. I guess it is time to get some popcorn, lean back and wait for the discussion that is coming ahead …

What do you think?

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