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Grails 2.0 Upgrade Guide

The Grails team has started a Google Plus discussion to gather feedback from the community on how their upgrade to Grails 2.0 went. To sum it up, small applications can be upgraded easily to Grails 2.0, but for large application … Continue reading

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Functional Thinking

“Funktional Programmieren heißt, man schreibt, was gemacht werden soll und nicht wie etwas gemacht werden soll.” Neal Ford beschreibt in einer Artikelserie auf developerWorks, wie man auch als auf Objektorientierung-gepolter Java-Entwickler Konzepte der funktionalen Programmierung verwenden kann, um seinen Java-Code … Continue reading

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Grails is getting Maven support

According to a recent blog post of Grails project lead Graeme Rocher, Grails is getting Maven support in the form of a plugin. Currently, Grails uses Maven repositories for dependency resolution, but the build system of a Grails application uses … Continue reading

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Firebug 1.9 released

The popular web developer tool Firebug has been released in version 1.9. The new features include: Firebug panel docking it is now possible to dock the Firebug panel to any of the four sides of the browser window. Syntax error … Continue reading

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