Grails 2.0 released

It took Grails 6 years from it’s beginning to reach version 2.0.
A lot of great and long awaited features justify the version jump from 1.3 to the new major release 2.0.

Visit the What’s new in Grails 2.0? page for a nice summary of all the new features and grab it while it’s hot.

My favorite new features are:

  • Spring 3.1
  • Tab completion for the Grails console – closing the gap to Spring Roo
  • Reloading Agent (hopefully it’s better than the current class reloading feature)
  • H2 Database and Console – finally you can look into your development database! RIP HSQLDB…
  • Binary Plugins
  • Controller actions as methods – I did never understand why Grails prior to 2.0 used closures for controller actions…
  • HTML5 Scaffolding – at last. It was about time!
  • Easy Date Parsing – missed it so much, no more hand made date conversion routines…
  • Multiple Data Sources Support – you don’t need a plugin any longer to use multiple data sources in your Grails app
  • Database Migrations plugin – no need to do this manually with Liquibase

To me it looks like the best Grails version ever. Hopefully it doesn’t come with too many new bugs ;-)

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