JPdfUnit 1.2 released

We just released JPdfUnit 1.2 which contains the following changes:

  • Updated PDFBox to the Apache Version
    -> JPdfUnit can be used with PDFBox 1.0<=version<2.0
    -> Starting at version 1.3, PDFBox has a Bug that can cause a big amount of errors in the log:
    -> To test encrypted pdfs, you now have to include optional dependencies of PDFBox:
    = The complete build is now maven based
  • Due to the PDFBox Update, the asserts “assertIsOwnerPasswd” and “assertIsUserPasswd” aren’t supported anymore
    Use tester.getDocument().decryptDocument(“my-password”); instead and check for thrown exceptions

For Details on JPdfUnit see the Website or the project page @ SourceForge:

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