Joshua Bloch is the new Dart core libraries architect

There are rumors, some answers and still a lot of open questions regarding GWT and Dart. Early in november Bruce Johnson announced a statement regarding both, their (maybe .. however) common future and Google’s view on the latter:

We view Dart as an ambitious evolution of GWT’s mission to make web apps better for end users, and we’re optimistic about its potential. As Dart evolves and becomes ready for prime time, we anticipate working closely with the GWT developer community to explore Dart.

Even if there is much space left for interpretation one thing can be taken for granted: Google is obviously serious about Dart’s importance in the future. They just turned Joshua Bloch into being the core libraries architect as he stated on Twitter:

A new challenge for me: I am now the core libraries architect for the Dart programming language! #dartlang

From my point of view I’m really curious and excited about the prospective evolvement of Dart. There seems to be a lot of momentum and Google is giving more and more information to an eagerly waiting community.

By the way if you’re interested in Dart or like to know some catchy facts you should start with reading Idiomatic Dart.

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  1. Heute bei Heise Developer:

    Dart ist jedoch kein Ersatz für JavaScript, sondern soll vor allem den Bereich der Mobilentwicklung als Zielplattform haben.

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