JSF, HTML 5 and usability pitfalls

I am currently in a project that aims to bring an existing JSF web application to the iPad. I was looking for some nice libraries when I stumbled upon MyFaces HTML 5 library. It looked very promising to me on a desktop browser, especially the slide feature from the demo application seemed to be what we were looking for to create a nice user experience on the iPad. The slide feature in the demo application is to be used with the arrow keys and the mouse wheel. It was then when I realized that the iPad has neither…

Anyways, the library is a nice example for what JSF developers might expect from libraries in near future as HTML 5 gets more and more common.

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  1. Ali Ok says:


    I see that the slide component works on Safari (I tried with Windows version). Unfortunately I cannot test the app on Ipad. If you see a Javascript error or sth obvious on the logs, please feel free to create an issue at https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MFHTML5 .
    So that I can have a look.


  2. Thomas Asel says:

    Hi Ali, there is no error and the showcase at least starts as expected on the iPad. Its just that the iPad has no arrow keys and neither a mouse wheel. So there is no chance to navigate to the next page.

  3. Ali Ok says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I remember adding event listeners for swipes and other gestures, and that is why I asked about error logs. But may be they’re missing on that demo.


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