Grails 1.4 canceled, next release version will be 2.0

Grails 1.4 should actually come after Grails 1.3.
SpringSource recently decided to cancel 1.4 and name the next release 2.0.
A lot of improvements and new features justify the new major version number.

The changes of the upcoming 2.0 release include:

  • New console UI and interactive mode
  • Enhanced error reporting and stack trace printing
  • Improved development time reloading with a JVM agent
  • Performance enhancements
  • AST transformation API for plugin devs
  • HTML5 scaffolding
  • Static resource handling
  • A formalized GORM API
  • Abstract inheritance support
  • Multiple data sources support with 2 phase commit
  • Database migrations and reverse engineering
  • Upgrades to libraries from Groovy 1.8, Spring 3.1, Hibernate 3.6 and Servlet 3.0
  • Completely new Testing API with Spock support
  • Unit test scaffolding and enhanced unit test output in the console

Grails 2.0 is scheduled for september 2011.

See the Grails mailing list for more details.

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