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1690 days later

Oracle finally released JDK 7. 1690 days after JDK 6 the new Java version is now available for download. Beside some new features which will improve the productivity, it contains several enhancements for performance and integration: Type inference with diamont … Continue reading

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Prompt for confirmation when leaving a page

Sometimes users leave a web page without clicking on a save button to save the changes they made to a form. In this case, it can be useful to show a confirmation popup and ask them if they really want … Continue reading

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Dynamic list injection in Spring

Imagine you have a Spring XML configuration which defines a bean with a list property. The bean could look like Here is the spring config that defines the bean with a static list of values for the listProp property. If … Continue reading

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Grails 1.4 canceled, next release version will be 2.0

Grails 1.4 should actually come after Grails 1.3. SpringSource recently decided to cancel 1.4 and name the next release 2.0. A lot of improvements and new features justify the new major version number. The changes of the upcoming 2.0 release … Continue reading

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Atlassian Bonfire 1.0 released

Atlassian released the web testing tool Bonfire 1.0 for “rapid agile testing”. Atlassian Bonfire is a browser extension for JIRA designed to rapidly capture comprehensive bug reports when testing web applications. (Atlassian) Key features: In-application bug reports: submitting comprehensive bug reports via … Continue reading

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JBoss 7 ist da!

JBoss 7 ist da und verspricht unter anderem folgendes: Leichtgewichtigkeit, kurze Startzeiten, konsistente und mächtige Administrationsoberfläche … JBoss 7 Features. JBoss 7 wird mit Hibernate 4 Beta geliefert.

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Zu lange Testlaufzeiten? Divide and Conquer!

“Slow Machine” ist eines der häufigsten anzutreffenden Anti-Patters in Build-Umgebungen mit zentralen Continuous Integration Servern. Sehr anschaulich zeigt Atlassian in ihrem Post “Pipelining the build for fun and profit” wie sich durch Restrukturieren der Tests und Artifact-Sharing dem begegnen lässt … Continue reading

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