Oracle submits new JSR 348 to change JCP to “”

An Oracle press release basically presents a proposal to redefine the whole  Java Community Process. The proposal is itself presented as a new Java Specification Request (JSR) 348 within the current JCP and also carries a “new number” JSR1.

According to the JSR, the main goals are:

Transparency, Participation, Agility and Governance

the results are to be delivered within 6 months, public draft ist planned for August, 2011.

Examples for proposed changes are to require (not only recommend) that all Expert Group (EG) operations are  to be carried out in public forums or to have a tranparent recruiting process for Expert Group members.

After quite some initial struggling, this is one clear message of concern and planning from the new “owner”, heading for a transparent future for the still pretty un-proprietary Java technology and should demand attention from the current critics in the Java community.

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