Open Source SOAP / REST monitor and router

Membrane is a router and monitor for HTTP and Web Services written in Java and licensed under the  ASF 2.0 license. It features a graphical user interface for analyzing HTTP traffic in real-time that provides formatters for XML, SOAP and JSON. The router can be deployed as reverse proxy or load balancer. A new gateway can make SOAP services accessible as REST resources.

The core of the router is a jar file, less than 250 KB in size that can be embedded into Java applications or deployed as an MBean service into an application server.

With the recent Membrane 2 release the router was redesigned to ease deployment in the cloud and to support Web APIs based on REST and JSON. The redesign also improved performance and resource consumption.

Although Membrane 2.0.0 can be downloaded and used for free, commercial support is available from predic8, the current company of OIO ‘s co-founder Thomas Bayer.

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