Groovy 1.8 released

Groovy 1.8 has been released. According to release notes following changes has been done:

  • Performance improvements
  • Closure enhancements (closures as annotation parameters, closure composition, …)
  • native JSON support (JSONSlurper, JSONBuilder)
  • a few new AST transformations (@Log, @ToString, @EquaslAndHashCode, …)
  • GPars is now bundled within the Groovy distribution
  • Diamond operator (from project Coin – JDK7)
List<list<long>> someList = new ArrayList<>()

Further JDK7 innovations (project Coin) are scheduled for Groovy 1.9 as far as Groovy doesn’t support them yet.

Groovy is also well known for creating domain specific languages (DSL). With release 1.8 command chains has been added which makes Groovy DSLs much more readable:

// add(5.getEuro()).to(10.getUSD())
add 5.EUR to 10.USD
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