Cloud Foundry for the rescue?

Today VMWare announced cloud foundry. In short, cloud foundry is for cloud computing what the spring framework was for Java EE: simplicity, productivity, portability.

While cloud computing (you know, the place you leak servers, not memory) does give you everything a modern datacenter has to give, you still have this operating system + Java EE container layer to care about, and truly, the feeling here did not really change in the last years.

So, after publishing the “Cloud Developers’ Bill of Rights“, the announcement today is all about the “The Open Platform as a Service”.

Welcome to the “cloud foundry“. The cloud foundry interfaces to private, public or even micro clouds. On the other side it interfaces to application services like data and messaging services.

The industry’s first open platform as a service. Run your Spring, Rails and Node.js applications. Deploy from your IDE or command line.

VMWare ist following Google’s lead here: deploy your app directly from the IDE (like Google does for GWT and AppEngine). But they go a little further, as you can configure services (like a mysql dataservice) the same easy way.

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