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Java EE 6 Application Server – current overview

Some people are discussing the future of the JCP currently. But the builders of Java EE Application Servers are still using its outcome bravely, currently working more than a year on those products, that will be compliant and certified towards … Continue reading

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Different ways of using Liquibase in Grails

“You never develop code without version control, why do you develop your database without it? Liquibase is an open source, database-independent library for tracking, managing and applying database changes. It is built on a simple premise: All database changes are … Continue reading

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Google announces cofoja – Contracts for Java

Google announced the new project cofoja (Contracts for Java) that is hosted on Google Code. The project Website describes the project as follows: Contracts for Java enables you to write annotate your code with contracts in the form of preconditions, … Continue reading

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Hibernate 3.6.1-Final wurde released

Hibernate 3.6.1-Final ist released. Es wurden hauptsächlich Bugs in Bezug auf JPA 2.0 gefixed und Verbesserungen gemacht. Eine der wichtigen Änderungen ist ein verbesserter Umgang mit langen Zeichenketten und Binary-Typen (BLOB, LOB, LONGVARCHAR, LONGBINARY) speziell für PostgreSQL, Oracle und MS … Continue reading

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