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Developer preview of JDK7 released

Oracle has released the developer preview of Java 7 (Download). According to Mark Reinhold, jointly responsible developer at Oracle, this build is ready to test it: We’ve run all tests on all supported platforms and haven’t found any glaring issues. … Continue reading

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JIRA Workflows ganz einfach

Die Bordmittel von JIRA zum Editieren seiner Workflows sind nicht unbedingt als intuitiv zu bezeichnen. Möchte man einige zentrale Funktionen der Workflow-Engine wie Common Transitions nutzen, muss man sogar den umständlichen Weg über einen XML Export und Import gehen. Das … Continue reading

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GroovyLint – Compile time checks for Groovy

GroovyLint is a library for Groovy that adds additional compile time checks. That makes sense as Groovy is a dynamically typed language and catches most of the errors at runtime, Java would catch at compile time. You know, the sooner … Continue reading

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GWT 2.2 is released

The new version is available on the GWT download page. The release notes can be found here. The new version ncludes the following new and changed stuff: Bindings for html5 canvas, audio and video Simplifications for the CellTable

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10 Jahre Agiles Manifest

Das Agile Manifest wird wohl morgen am 12.02.2011 10 Jahre alt. Seine 4 Werte Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan sind etwas … Continue reading

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Einordnung von Scrum in CMMI

Sie wollen wissen welchen CMMI Reifegrad durch die Implementierung von Scrum erreicht werden können. Scrum bietet hier Lösungen bzw. Praktiken in den folgenden CMMI for Development Bereichen: Requirements Management Project Planning Project Monitoring and Control Neil Potter und Mary Sakry … Continue reading

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Mocking in Grails unit tests

Integration and functional tests in Grails are quite slow depending on the complexity of your code base. This results in slow continuous integration cyles. Pure unit tests are there for a better alternative most of the time. But mocking all the … Continue reading

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