There is no standard for rich internet applications

Web technologies based rich internet applications (RIAs) are sort of a gray zone concerning standards.

The Java EE specification does not define a RIA-Framework – Java is actually the server side of things. Neither the W3C nor the IETF do define a web application framework, but all we need to build RIAs: HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

So anything using HTTP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript is, at least, open web standards compliant. If you start using GWT, you add up developing your RIA in Java syntax and connecting to a Java server through servlets.

GWT and standards compliance:

So, if you will be building a Web 2.0 application, don’t look for a specification at the Java EE side. It is the wrong side, (…)
This is how things were before JSF, and this is how things became after Web 2.o.

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