ASF, Doug Lea, Tim Peierls – all gone [5th update]

Now the ASF resigned from the JCP…

our representative has informed the JCP’s Program Management Office of our resignation, effective immediately. As such, the ASF is removing all official representatives from any and all JSRs. In addition, we will refuse any renewal of our JCP membership and, of course, our EC position.

From the ASF JCP homepage one can read that the ASF activities where concentrated to the following areas:

Implementation of JCP specifications, such as Apache Tomcat , Apache Geronimo , WebServices , Portlets , Apache MyFaces and many others.

Participation in multiple expert groups of the JCP via individuals representing the ASF.

Influence the evolution of the JCP through our participation on the Executive Committee.

And this is no more. While it is hard to tell (from the outside) how much participation the JCP and therefore some JSRs have lost, my concern is how this will impact the projects hosted at the ASF. Can they still evolve and keep the pace with upcoming specs? I somehow remember times where SUN delivered reference implementations that where for academic purposes only. Production quality products where commercial products. The ASF did surely play an important role to what we know today as professional, production ready implementations of JSRs.

Are we going back to those times where JSR reference implementations are just something to play with? Or does someone really believe that Oracle is going to fill in the blank and start offering FOSS production ready products competing with their own products? I do not.

In the meantime: how long until Google resigns?

What others are saying:

Pyrrhic Victory

Standards organizations come and go.  Whether this particular one limps along for two more years or twenty isn’t the key point.  Instead of being an exemplar, the JCP is destined to become the canonical antithesis of what a standards organization should be

The TCK trap

the GPLv2 does not include any patent protections. So, while you are clear from a copyright point of view, anyone that has contributed intellectual property to the JVM/JDK, ever, is free to sue both you and anyone using your distribution for infringing any patents they hold on their contribution

Java: no longer free as in speech

It’s a sad day, since I really do like programming in Java. I still will, sometimes; but not as often. And not without realizing that Java is no longer free as in speech. We’ll see how long that Java remains free as in beer, now that Oracle’s realized they run the JCP.

The JCP is dead …and Oracle killed it

What was posted was our final version of the notice, but I’d also like to share with the community an earlier, rougher and more “emotional” version. It says the same, but in a more face-to-face conversational way. I feel that both versions represent the disappointment, anger and sadness over this whole issue, which has been fostering since 2006. The below just captures it from a different point of view

Thanks Danial for the hint: there is a response from Oracle to ASF leaving the JCP:

Earlier this week, by an overwhelming majority, the Java Executive Committee voted to move Java forward by formally initiating work on both Java SE 7 and SE 8 based on their technical merits

Well, if you read the voting comments, I would not agree that the voting went too well.

Apache voted against initiating technical committee work on both SE 7 and SE 8, effectively voting against moving Java forward. Now, despite supporting the technical direction, Apache have announced that they are quitting the Executive Committee.

I could not disagree more with this statement. It might be that the technical direction is right, but what about the licensing direction? Members have been given only one vote: adding a complain in a comment about the licensing issues does not solve the matter – and 3 members took the consequence.

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  2. Daniel Zwink says:

    Henrik Ståhl posted a response to the ASF from Adam Messinger (Vice President of Development):

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