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Closures and Module System for Java on Christmas 2012?

Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, announced that a quarted of JSRs was submitted to the JCP. JSR 336 defines the Release Content for Java SE 7. JDK 7 is planned for midth of 2011. JSR 337 defines … Continue reading

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Twitter-Client mit Spring Social und Spring Roo

Das Projekt Spring Social wurde kürzlich in der Version 1.0.0.M1 veröffentlicht. Es beinhaltet in der ersten Version Templates, um die API von vier verschiedenen sozialen Netzwerken anzusprechen: TwitterTemplate FacebookTemplate LinkedInTemplate TripItTemplate Mit Hilfe dieses neuen Projekts bauen wir uns nun … Continue reading

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BIRT vs Jasper vs Pentaho

There are a few Open Source Reporting Tools available in the Java world. Of all the options, the three with the most traction seem to be BIRT, Jasper, and Pentaho. So when evaluating open source alternatives for your Java BI … Continue reading

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Logging additional information like SessionID in every Log4j message

In his blog posts Log4j MDC (Mapped Diagnostic Context) : What and Why and Log4j MDC (Mapped Diagnostic Context) : Example code, Veera Sundar explains the concept of the Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC), a thread-local key-value store that can be … Continue reading

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Spagic 3.1 – Open Source SOA Universal Middleware

The OW2 Consortium provides Spagic, an Open Source Middleware to support development and governance of Middleware components. Spagic is implemented as a modular system based on an OSGi kernel and contains bundles that can be divided in three areas: Middleware … Continue reading

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Forrester Wave Open Source Business Intelligence

Actuate (the people behind BIRT) gives you access to the results of the current Forrester Wave for Open Source Business Intelligence. Forrester Wave is done by Forrester, a company that evaluates and compares available software and technologies ending up in … Continue reading

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Pentaho BI Stack showcase website

Pentaho Pre Sales director Michael Tarallo and some of his collegues set up a showcase webpage for Pentaho BI Stack. The Pentaho BI showcase is a resource that should streamline the effectiveness of the Evaluation/Selection process of Pentaho for your … Continue reading

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