JSR 314 JavaServer Faces 2.1 JSF 2.1

The “JSF 2.1 maintainance release 2” has been released.

After glimpsing into the “Changes between 2.0 Rev a and 2.1” section of the pdf spec I was surprised it became a 2.1 and not a 2.0.1 release… ;-)

Changes from 2.0 to 2.1 as listed in the spec:

  • Section 10.3.2 “Facelet Tag Library mechanism”
    Document that the unprefixed namespace must pass through.
  • New feature: 
    Section 1.2 “Required Handling of *-extension elements in the application configuration resources files”
  • Update schema for 2.1
    The only new element is .
    See Section 1.1 “XML Schema Definition for Application Configuration Resource file”
  • Change Restore View Phase
    Change Section 2.2.1 “Restore View” to require a call to ViewHandler.deriveLogicalViewId() before trying to find the ViewDeclarationLanguage.
  • Section 7.5.2 “Default ViewHandler Implementation”
    Document deriveLogicalViewId().
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