Spagic 3.1 – Open Source SOA Universal Middleware

The OW2 Consortium provides Spagic, an Open Source Middleware to support development and governance of Middleware components. Spagic is implemented as a modular system based on an OSGi kernel and contains bundles that can be divided in three areas:

  • Middleware bundles (Transaction Manager, ESB, Registry, J2EE, BPM, …)
  • Service bundles (Rules, CEP, Scripting and Transformation with Groovy and XSLT)
  • Connector bundles (TCP-IP, Mail, SOAP, JMS, JDBC, …)

Spagic can be adapted by installing only the bundles needed for a given context.

The whole Spagic suite consists of:

  • Spagic Service Manager
  • Spagic Studio (Eclipse based IDE)
  • Spagic Monitor

The IDE has graphical BPMN and BPEL editors and makes it very easy to draw and deploy Business Process diagrams.

The Spagic all-in-one package consists of a WAR (~80MB) and is conveniently to install in a standard Web Container.

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