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GWT 2.1.0 is released

The new version is now available on the GWT download page. The full release notes can be found in the GWT documentation area. My highlights are: The new cell widgets The MVP framework Emulation of java.util.logging Support for java.math.BigDecimal But … Continue reading

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Copy & paste without clipboard using API

When processing contents in a document via API you sometimes need to copy & paste contents between documents or duplicate contents of one document. Continue reading

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Confluence mittels Gadgets erweitern

Durch die Unterstützung von OpenSocial Gadgets seit Version 3.1 bietet Confluence eine einfache Möglichkeit, die Wiki-Seiten mit externen Inhalten anzureichern. Im folgenden Blog-Eintrag werden die erfolderlichen Schritte am Beispiel des Dropbox Gadgets veranschaulicht. Access Your Dropbox Account in Confluence Weiterführende … Continue reading

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Mac, Java and how to shoot at your own feet while running…

Here a short update on the Java-Mac deprecation topic. There are a few interesting links on the web, you can checkout some of them at Best read I found on the topic explains why “Desktop Java is a ruinously expensive … Continue reading

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SpringSource upcoming news and noteworthy

In a recent blog, Rod Johnson enumerates the upcoming news and noteworthy things coming from SpringSource. Let me start with Rods final statement: We live in exciting times, and the SpringSource team is working hard to solve the new problems … Continue reading

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JIRA 4.2 mit Edit Original Estimation Möglichkeit

Das geht in Punkt 8 der JIRA 4.2 Release Notes fast unter: Endlich lässt sich die Original Estimation nach dem Erfassen von Zeiten/Arbeit auf dem Issue korrigieren bzw. nachtragen. Damit ist JIRA wieder ein bisschen menschlicher geworden.

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Java EE, Spring, and why I care

To wrap things up, let us never forget that, while EJB is really nothing more than than server side component model reduced to stateless session beans from the practical Java EE point of view. Continue reading

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