JIRA in your pocket

Bugbox for Jira is a mobile app, currently available für Android and IPhone, that lets you stay on top of JIRA issues when away from desktop. Bugbox works for JIRA 3.13.3 to JIRA 4.2.

Some supported features:

  • Synchronizing with your JIRA server and highlighting any new or newly updated issues
  • Displaying and editing all of the important attributes: issue summary, description, reporter, assignee, and all comments
  • Creating a searchable list of all JIRA users. With a single touch, you can reassign an issue to anyone in this list.
  • Dececting all favorite filters in your JIRA account, and downloads all corresponding issues to your smartphone
  • Push Notifications: you get notified whenever there is a new or newly updated issue

For more information, see

or visit the homepage of the producer:

You can try Bugbox Lite version, that is a limited time preview of the full functionality of Bugbox

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