SpringSource upcoming news and noteworthy

In a recent blog, Rod Johnson enumerates the upcoming news and noteworthy things coming from SpringSource.

Let me start with Rods final statement:

We live in exciting times, and the SpringSource team is working hard to solve the new problems they pose.
For those who worry about the potential stagnation of Java: Innovation in Java is back? (we never stopped innovating, others might have…), and the future’s bright.

And this holds true for the SpringSource, as even while putting heads together witch VMWare and Google, never stopped working hard and delivering updates and even new products.

One surprising move (for me, eventually for Atlassian too?) is that SpringSource entered the Build Infrastructure market with Code2Cloud:

  • source control, issue tracking and continuous integration
  • zero configuration required (outch, Atlassian, did you read this?)
  • support a choice of deployment destinations

Surprising, but it fits into SpringSource moves in the past:

We’ve always believed that enterprise Java needs to be simpler and that there needs to be a more integrated experience. Thus our biggest initiative at SpringOne2GX reflects our traditional focus of simplification and productivity.

With the next release 3.1 of Spring the portfolio will again increase. Here is a list of improvements quoted from the announced:

  • The Spring Data project focuses on bringing Spring simplicity to accessing non-relational data in Java.
  • The Spring Mobile project makes it easy for Spring developers to write applications that support different client types, both as enhancements to Spring MVC and through our collaboration with Google around GWT, Spring and Spring Roo.
  • The Spring Social project makes it easy for Spring developers to write applications that integrate with social media and use OAuth
  • Spring 3.1 will make it easy for Spring developers to access data grids such as GemFire and EHcache using a caching abstraction or directly via the Spring GemFire and Spring AMQP projects.
  • The Spring Payment Services incubator project seeks to make it easy to integrate a wide range of payment services into Spring-powered applications. This includes merchant payments, person-to-person payments, mobile payments, and related payment scenarios.
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