Kettle Franchising Factory

When working with a data integration tool to move and transform data from source a to destination b you are often forced to rewrite basic things over and over again.  The data integration tool Kettle with its visual job and transformation designer is a big help but even there i often end up setting up the same featureset for each of my data migration tasks over and over again (automatic logging and error reporting of my transformation, multiple environments like test system and production system, …)

Matt Casters (Lead developer of Kettle) and Jan Aertsen had the great idea to develop the Kettle Solution framework called Kettle Franchising Factory (KFF). KFF is a set of plugins for the visual designer Spoon that contains of 4 different project templates for your data integration project. Each template consits of reusable Jobs and Transformations for logging and error reporting, some scripting, best practices and a lot more.

KFF is available for Kettle v3 and Kettle v4 here. For a brief overview of the Kettle Franchise Framework you should read this blog post

The Kettle Franchising Factory (KFF) adds on top of the existing kettle platform the necessary tools to open multiple data integration restaurants in a rapid, flexible and organised way. KFF allows you to deploy a large series of data integration solutions (multi-customer, multi-solution) in a fully standardized way.

KFF is composed of:

Kettle plugins
re-usable transformations/jobs
logging/scheduling framework
naming conventions
best practices for set-up
directory structures…

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