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Embed an image into an writer document

Introduction There are two kinds of images in Linked images are saved outside of the document Embedded images are saved inside the document The second kind is the one you would use to get a stand-alone document. The problem … Continue reading

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Grails 1.3 released

SpringSource released version 1.3 of the Groovy based web application framework Grails. The new features of Grails 1.3 include: Groovy 1.7 support JUnit 4 support Maven repository support: publish and read plugins to/from Maven compatible repositories Improvements to modular plugin … Continue reading

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Adventures with HTML5, Part 1

One of the hotter topics in Web-Development today is the rise of HTML 5. Like many others I’ve had only vague ideas, of what it is: Something with directly embedding videos with the tag without the need for funny object-embed … Continue reading

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Atlassian stellt neues JIRA 4.1 Feature vor: Custom email subject

Atlassian geht dazu über, neue Features intensiver zu bewerben. Nachdem die Operation Bar beim letzten Blogbeitrag dran war, ist jetzt die Konfiguration des eMail-Betreffs und des eMail-Inhalts an der Reihe:

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(Un-)Sicherheit von Webanwendungen zum Anfassen

Alle Theorie ist grau, erst die Praxis bringt Farbe ins Spiel, dachten sich Bruce Leban et al. aus dem Hause Google, als sie mit dem “Web Application Exploits and Defenses” Codelab ein interaktives Tutorial schufen, in dem man unter Anleitung … Continue reading

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Douglas Crockford on JavaScript

While searching for information about YUI I stumbled about a series of excellent video presentations about JavaScript. The First Episode is about the history of programming, in an entertaining and quite epic way. It is as well interesting for people, … Continue reading

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Although not always a top priority for developers / project managers it is good practice to create web applications, which are accessible for people with visual, auditory or physical limitations. This becomes more and more important, because many customers are … Continue reading

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