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GWT and Flash

Many of us GWT developers can’t rely on a fancy HTML5 ready browser. This can come to a problem when your customers expect RIA features from you web application that the browser can’t deliver natively. For example: customer wants to … Continue reading

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Performance-Analyse mit Spring Insight

Performance-Probleme bei Webanwendungen lassen sich ohne Tool-Unterstützung in aller Regel nur schwer finden. Es stellt sich bei einer entsprechenden Analyse zunächst die Frage, ob die Probleme von der Oberflächendarstellung, der Anwendungslogik, der Datenbank oder gar von den Netzwerkverbindungen zwischen diesen … Continue reading

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Execute SQL Scripts in Grails Bootstrap or Integration Tests

I recently had to execute some SQL scripts when a Grails applications starts up to insert test data into the database. Executing sql scripts is easy. Just open the SQL File and read the contents of the Script to a … Continue reading

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Simple time-formatting with PrettyTime

Did you ever tried to create human readable time output like “in 2 minutes” or “moments ago”? A nice library therefore is PrettyTime.

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Mit Sikuli Script ist es möglich Quellcode mit eingebetteten Screenshots anzulegen. Es ermöglicht sämtliche Automatisierungen von allem, was auf dem Bildschirm sichtbar ist. Sikuli ist sehr einfach zu bedienen und macht jede Menge Spaß. Es eignet sich hervorragend für ganz alltägliche Dinge … Continue reading

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J(2)EE patterns reloaded

Most of the J2EE patterns were just workarounds because of the shortcomings of older EJB specifications. And most of them have become obsolete with the new programming model introduced in Java EE 5 and 6. But there are still some … Continue reading

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Fluency in Java

Want to code collections more fluently in Java like in Groovy with its expressive syntax. Have look at this interesting thoughts and comparison between plain Java, Google Collections and Groovy:

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