Java platform roundtable, Spring 2010

There are some real nice statements I found in the article named “Java platform roundtable, Spring 2010”:

Alex Miller

A typical Java Web app uses 15 or 20 MB of frameworks before you can even start writing code! Getting started with this mess of stuff is daunting to me, and I have a decade of Java development experience.

I think the entire process around JSR 294, 277, and Project Jigsaw has been a mess from the beginning. The people involved are universally smart and well-intentioned, yet I have little hope that the final outcome will be something that I want to use.

Ted Neward

Spring will become the platform for doing cloud development, and incidentally continue to support the enterprise development it’s been supporting up until now.

Here the topics covered:

  • Oracle and Java technology
  • Java 7: Closures and concurrency
  • Project Jigsaw
  • Java and the multi-language VM
  • What’s next for Spring?
  • OpenJDK and Apache Harmony
  • Cloud computing
  • Java technology in new industries
  • Open source: Where’s the money?
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