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Ops – GWT 2.0.2

There is a new (minor) GWT release available. It is nice to see that something like “I did not see that the merge commit failed” can also happen to a Google developer… This is why the standard.css file released did … Continue reading

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Groovy++ performance compared to Java and Scala

Have a look at these performance comparisons. Groovy++ can be nearly as fast as Java and Scala. Second post: First post: Project lead Alex Tkachman gives some more backgrounds about the project in an interview at dzone: The … Continue reading

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Class enhancement auf der JVM

Jeder Java-Entwickler hatte wahrscheinlich schon einmal den Wunsch, Mehrfachvererbung einzusetzen. Auch wenn es gute Gründe dagegen gibt, könnte der Einsatz der Mehrfachvererbung oftmals die Duplizierung von Quellcode verhindern. Denn selbst wer Delegation anstatt der Mehrfachvererbung einsetzt, muss zumindest die Methodensignaturen … Continue reading

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Groovy++ – Groovy goes Scala

Groovy is a dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine. But its runtime metaprogramming capabilities require dynamic dispatch. Dynamic dispatch is slow and does not allow compile time checks. Groovy++ tries to combine Groovys expressive syntax with statically typed code, … Continue reading

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Grails 1.2.1 Released

After only a little more than a month there is the first Bugfix-Release for Grails 1.2. Grails 1.2.1 Release Notes Thanks to everyone who made this happen: Jeff Brown (USA) Robert Fletcher (Great Britain) Lari Hotari (Finland) Luke Daley (Australia) … Continue reading

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API to change bundle projects in Eclipse 3.6

In Eclipse 3.6 Milestone 5 there is an interesting new feature in the category PDE: API for plug-in project creation An API is now available to create and modify plug-in (bundle) projects. The API provides a description of a project’s … Continue reading

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Announcing GWT 2.0.1

The google team released GWT 2.0.1. Release notes: Announcement:

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