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Rod Johnson Discusses Spring 3.0

Rod Johnson, the founder of Spring and the general manager of the SpringSource division of VMware, talks to InfoQ about Spring 3.0, the influence of Google Guice on Spring, Spring.NET, and Spring’s tc Server. Rod Johnson Discusses Spring 3.0

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NoSQL data stores and social networking data

Interesting read about typical problems searching or analyzing social networking data and how Neo4j, Cassandra and FluidDB can help to solve them: InfoWorld review: Databases primed for social networks BTW: Cassandra, one of the major non-relational data stores has recently … Continue reading

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Confluence: In Zukunft ohne Wiki Markup?

Confluence Editoren lassen sich in zwei Gruppen Teilen: Zum einen die “Power-User”, welche direkt das Wiki-Markup nutzen, um Inhalte schnell zu erfassen und dabei auf alle Funktionen und Makros zurückgreifen zu können, auch wenn das Editieren alles andere als intuitiv … Continue reading

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GWT 2.0.3

And they did it again… GWT 2.0.3 fixes a bug (Using a PopupPanel in Internet Explorer without a history IFrame throws a NullPointerException – #4584) that was assumed to be fixed in 2.0.2. It seems that the GWT developers were … Continue reading

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Subversion is now an official Apache project

The ASF Board has approved the graduation of Subversion from the Apache Incubator making Subversion an official project of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Hence the new homepage link

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List of top 25 most dangerous programming errors published

The SANS and MITRE Institutes recently published the “2010 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors” , a survey of todays most dangerous errors in software development. The study was conducted by the institutes and 30 leading companies in software … Continue reading

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Hibernate 3.5.0-CR-1 release

The main goal for Hibernate 3.5 will be JPA 2 compliance. Check this release candidate out or have a look at for more details. The work on CR-2 has 11 high priority tasks open, see the CR-2 Status here.

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