Groovy 1.7 is out

Groovy 1.7 provides the following new major features and enhancements:

  • Anonymous Inner Classes and Nested Classes, for more Java-friendliness
  • Annotation enhancements, with the ability to put annotations on imports, packages and variable declarations)
  • Grape enhancement (the Groovy module system)
  • Power Asserts, for more readable and expressive assertions
  • AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) enhancements with the AST Viewer and AST Builder, for easing the creation of AST transformations
  • Various dependency upgrades (including the ASM bytecode library to get ready for the JSR-292 InvokeDynamic bytecode instructions)
  • A rewrite of the GroovyScriptEngine for more flexibility and rapidity
  • Several GroovyConsole enhancements, like line numbers, a new output view, and more
  • Various SQL improvements, like batch updates and transaction support
  • and many more enhancements!

For some more details about all this features, you can have a look at the release notes.

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