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JSF 2.2 (JSR-344) is final

Only few weeks before the scheduled release of Java EE  7, JSR 344 – the defining specifiaction for JSF 2.2 – went final today. Despite the version number, JSF 2.2 could be considered to be a major release, including these … Continue reading

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JSF-Comparison: MyFaces vs. Mojarra

A couple of weeks ago we published the results of a comparative study about the performance impact of large component trees on JSF implementations. The article is available in German only so here is a brief summary in English.

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How to get the total Number of Components in the JSF Component Tree

Knowing the size of the JSF component tree is often times helpful for JSF developers. Unfortunately, JSF does not provide an easy way to inspect the tree itself. Though  prints out the structure of the tree, it does not tell … Continue reading

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JSF 2 Custom Scopes without 3rd party libraries

Almost every JSF application that I am aware of uses some mechanism to store values in a scope longer than the original “Request Scope” but shorter than “Session Scope”. “Wizards” are a common scenario. Unfortunately, JSF comes without something like … Continue reading

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Whats the problem with JSF? A rant on wrong marketing arguments

There is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt about JSF. Thats nothing new. Beeing a JSF developer you have to deal with that FUD. But where does it come from? A lot of FUD is created when developers are … Continue reading

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Custom Tags as an Alternative to Composite Components in JSF

Composite components are well known and the concept is widely adopted by JSF developers today. Regrettably, another powerful concept seems to be ousted by the popularity of composite components: Custom (Facelet)-Tags. This article is about how to use them. The … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping JSF applications with SystemEvents

SystemEvents offer a nice way to respond to events like system startup or  -teardown. A frequent use case is to log if the application startup was successfull and if all neccessary resources are available. If a problem occurs during startup … Continue reading

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