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Upsource: New Repository Browsing and Code Review Tool by JetBrains

JetBrains, the company behind the popular IntelliJ IDEA, recently has released a new productivity tool into the wild. JetBrains Upsource is a browser-based repository browsing and code review tool. Freshly released in version 1.0, it boasts a number of very … Continue reading

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Vaadin 7.3 Introduces New Valo Theme

A new minor release of the Vaadin Framework has been released. Besides a long list of bug fixes, there’s the one noteworthy and important new feature this version has to offer: the brand-new theme Valo. The Valo theme Valo, which … Continue reading

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Select Nested JavaBeans With a Vaadin FieldGroup

Among the long list of improvements that Vaadin 7 brought to us developers is a completely overhauled form binding component that allows binding a data item to a form layout in a much more convenient way than was possible with … Continue reading

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Vagrant 1.5 Released

Vagrant, the free and open-source software for creating and configuring virtual development environments, has been released in version 1.5. A lot of noteworthy improvements and additions have been made to the tool. At a glance, the following features are new … Continue reading

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Vaadin Extension: Highlighting Custom Components During Development

With the release of Vaadin 7, a new extension mechanism was introduced in the Vaadin Framework to extend the functionality of existing Vaadin components. This article will provide a short introduction to this concept and shows you how you can … Continue reading

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An Overview of Vaadin 7 Annotations

Vaadin 7 has added a set of useful new annotations to the framework which can be found in the package com.vaadin.annotations. This package is located in the vaadin-server.jar file. This blog post wants to give you a quick overview of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Learning Vaadin 7

From the author of one of the first Vaadin-related reference books Learning Vaadin, Nicolas Fränkel, comes the second edition Learning Vaadin 7 published by Packt Publishing in September 2013. I was kindly provided with a copy of this book by … Continue reading

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