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Faces Flows von Ed Burns erläutert

Ed Burns, co-spec lead der JavaServer Faces Spezifikation, hat in einem Artikel  Faces Flows erläutert: Die Version 2.2 von JavaServer Faces (JSF) ist mit einer Fülle von neuen Features herausgekommen. Für Entwickler sind im Standard-Framework unter den siebzig neuen Funktionen … Continue reading

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Awesome keynote on Scala, Java and poetry.

One of the best keynotes I have seen for a while. Rod Johnson talks about Scala, but he also talks about Java and much more. Keynote – Scala in 2018 It’s 2018. Scala is now 15 years old and the … Continue reading

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Cluster job synchronization with Spring AOP and memcached

Once you start load balancing your application across a set of nodes, you either start a dedicated node for your scheduled jobs or you find out some way of synchronizing your calls. Since I already have memcached up and running … Continue reading

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Google Web Toolkit Blog: GWT 2.5.1 Final is Here!

As stated in the release notes, GWT 2.5.1 is a maintenance release including many bugfixes and minor improvements since GWT 2.5. The announcement can be found at the Google Web Toolkit Blog: GWT 2.5.1 Final is Here! The GWT artifacts … Continue reading

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GWT 2.5.1 RC1 released

The GWT team just released the RC1 version of  GWT. The 2.5.1 is merely a maintenance release, and  the list of bug fixes can be reviewed here: The release candidate can be downloaded from the link below, and is not … Continue reading

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Worth reading: The State of NoSQL

Here is a really worth reading article on the state of nosql: The NoSQL Space has exploded in just 4-5 years to about 50 to 150 new databases. lists about 150 such databases,…

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Build infrastructure winners 2012? [updated]

Peeking around oss projects, it is hard not to notice that many projects are switching to github, and that many also started using gradle as the build tool. And, from a non oss point of view, I have witnessed many … Continue reading

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