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Balsamiq Mockups 3 – Public beta released

After several months of development, Balsamiq recently released a public beta for the next major version of its mockup tool: Balsamiq Mockups 3-Public beta. The propably most important change in this version is the new way of project management which … Continue reading

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GWT 2.6.1 released

As already expected last week, the GWT team just released version 2.6.1. To get an overview of the changes in this bugfix release, see the release notes or the complete change log. The release can be downloaded from GWT project … Continue reading

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Design ideas for more intuitive user interfaces

Do you know that kind of projects, when customers would like to have a new piece of software to replace their legacy system as quickly as possible? Often, the business logic of this application is specified by the development department, so … Continue reading

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GWT 2.6 released with Java 7 support and improved debugging

After about 15 months, we finally get the new GWT 2.6 release. It can be downloaded from the GWT project page or Here are the propably most important changes in the new version: Java 7 support Language features of Java … Continue reading

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GWT Activity & Places: Order matters

The GWT Activity and Places framework is a useful and common mechanism to use the browser history within your application allowing users to bookmark URLs and use the back button as a feature. To do so, it automatically updates the … Continue reading

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Configure GWT deployment context within Eclipse IDE

Do you know this problem? When starting a GWT application within the dev-mode it will be deployed in the root context. But when building the project and deploying it, e.g., usually some context other than root will be used (on Tomcat … Continue reading

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1690 days later

Oracle finally released JDK 7. 1690 days after JDK 6 the new Java version is now available for download. Beside some new features which will improve the productivity, it contains several enhancements for performance and integration: Type inference with diamont … Continue reading

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