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Java EE 6 App Server – Market overview update

This is an update of another short compilation of the market of certified Java EE 6 Application Servers. Management Summary is: As of today you will find 4 Application Servers from 2 vendors that support the full profile and are … Continue reading

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Grails 2.0 released

It took Grails 6 years from it’s beginning to reach version 2.0. A lot of great and long awaited features justify the version jump from 1.3 to the new major release 2.0. Visit the What’s new in Grails 2.0? page … Continue reading

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Enforcing an encoding for Eclipse in a maven project

In Maven it’s easy to set the encoding for your source code to a defined encoding (e.g. UTF-8) by inserting this part into your pom file: <>UTF-8</> But how to apply this to your Eclipse project?

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Der Eclipse Compiler bringt neue Checks mit

Der in Eclipse eingebaute Java Compiler (JDT compiler) bringt in der nächsten Version 3.8/4.2 einige neue Prüfungen mit, welche helfen, Fehler zu vermeiden. Seit Milestone 3 besteht die Möglichkeit, nicht freigegebene Ressourcen (wie z.B. Ein- und  Ausgabeströme) zu ermitteln: … Continue reading

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Bamboo 3.4 released!

Atlassian just released Bamboo version 3.4. Continuous Integration and Release Management Any build server can mindlessly run your builds over and over. Go further with automated building, testing, deploying, and releasing of your software. Instantly scale with automatically managed agents … Continue reading

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Google is using GWT – and you? [updated]

Here is a list that I compiled from a discussion in g+.  Many thanks to Ray Cromwell for sharing the list of projects: AdWords, AdSense, Flights, Hotel Finder, Offers, Wallet, The New Blogger, Chrome Webstore, Product Search, Public Data, New Google Groups, Orkut, Google Takeout, Google Pagespeed, Google WebFonts, Google Tables, Google Health (discontinued), Google Wave (discontinued), PlayN (basis … Continue reading

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