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Postfunctional programming language

Robert Fischer published an article titled “Scala is Not a Functional Programming Language” In response Martin Odersky argues that Scala can be characterized as postfunctional: […] if you look at the features Scala provides, it is substantially a functional language, … Continue reading

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Groovy 1.7 is out

Groovy 1.7 provides the following new major features and enhancements: Anonymous Inner Classes and Nested Classes, for more Java-friendliness Annotation enhancements, with the ability to put annotations on imports, packages and variable declarations) Grape enhancement (the Groovy module system) Power … Continue reading

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Getting more productive with Eclipse and Mylyn

A nice post about Mastering the Eclipse Toolset: Change Sets. Eclipse is one of the most sophisticated toolsets ever offered to developers. Its plethora of available tools can eliminate many headaches from a developer’s day. Unfortunately, there are days when … Continue reading

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Neal Gafters Closures for Java page

Neal Gafter has a very nice website about Closures for Java.

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Upgrading Grails: from 1.1.x to 1.2.0

The new Grails Version 1.2 was release right before Christmas 2009. Compared to the time-consuming and nerve-wracking Grails Upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1 that users experienced, the upgrade to Version 1.2 is a lot easier. This time the major showstopper … Continue reading

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Extending XML schemas article

IBM developerWorks published a nice article about extending single-namespace XML schemas last week which can be found here.

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Instance based security in Java

If your application needs instance based access control there is not a big variety of solutions out there. Here are some helpful links I found while searching on the internet listed in no particular order. Apache Shiro SAF – Security … Continue reading

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